Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my weekly update on both personal and business fronts. I always find it refreshing to start with a brief personal note before diving into the hustle and bustle of business progress. This week, I had a beautiful experience that I’d like to share with you.

Personal Moments

My vacation started this Wednesday, and I decided to call my sister Dorcas to see if she had any free time so we could catch up over a coffee. We agreed to meet on Friday, and our day began with breakfast at a cozy coffee shop. It was a delightful start as we chatted and enjoyed each other’s company.

After breakfast, we visited a place she was interested in renting at a MALL for her gift shop. It was exciting to see her enthusiasm and plans for her business. During the visit, we had a wonderful conversation, reminiscing about old times and sharing our current endeavors. It felt great to reconnect after a long time.

From there, we decided to visit our brother Pedro at his carpentry workshop. We spent some quality time with him, appreciating his craft and catching up on life. Eventually, the three of us went out for lunch. To tell you the truth, this is one of the rare occasions we’ve dedicated time to spend together as a family, and it brought immense joy. Living on a small island of less than 30 square miles, you’d think we’d have more time for each other, but everyone is so engrossed in their own world.

Experiencing this kind of quality time is something I deeply cherish and want more of. It’s a stark reminder of how busy we all are and how important it is to carve out time for what truly matters—family.

Business Updates

Now, shifting gears to business:


This week, significant strides were made. I’ve received feedback from my mentor on the revised Facebook lead ad. While it still requires a few adjustments, it’s ready for submission. I am in the process of creating an email sequence to facilitate effective follow-up with my subscribers.

Another achievement was integrating my Facebook lead ad subscriber form into my Affiliate System funnel, enhancing my list-building efforts. This integration is a notable advancement in streamlining my lead generation process.


Writing the email sequence has been my primary challenge. I have made significant progress. Crafting an engaging and effective sequence is crucial I’m thinking of sharing this with my mentoring team for their expert review and feedback.

Initially, the plan for my vacation week was to dedicate most of my time to business. Unfortunately, unexpected issues at work required my attention for the first two days. This setback cut into my scheduled business time, but I still have two more days next week to focus.


Despite the interruptions, the progress made so far is promising. My goal by the end of this vacation period is to have my Facebook lead ad up and running, with the Affiliate System in place and the email sequence automation set up. Once these elements are operational, I’ll pivot to driving traffic, emphasizing my primary source of organic traffic—Facebook.

Looking Ahead

I am optimistic about the progress and eagerly look forward to seeing the efforts come to fruition. Each step brings me closer to achieving my business objectives and growing effectively.

If you’ve enjoyed this update and want to follow my journey more closely, please follow me [Let’s Connect! (affiliatesystem.io)]. Your support and feedback mean the world to me.

Thank you for following along with my weekly updates. Stay tuned for more updates next week!

“The best is yet to come.”

Ezequiel Wells


11 thoughts on “Weekly Business Update: Progress, Challenges, Achievements, and Family Time”
  1. Hi Ezequiel,

    Great to hear about your family time with your sister and your brother. Sounds like a wonderful day! 😊

    Congrats on your progress with your business! Integrating your Facebook lead ad with the Affiliate System funnel is a big win! Crafting the email sequence is tough, but you’ll get it done. You’re doing great. Keep it up!

    Looking forward to your next update!


    1. Hi Meredith,

      Thank you for your kind words! Spending time with my siblings was indeed wonderful and refreshing. 😊

      I appreciate your encouragement regarding my business progress. Integrating the Facebook lead ad with the Affiliate System funnel has been quite a journey, and your support means a lot. I’m working hard on that email sequence, and your confidence in me keeps me motivated.

      Thanks for following along, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


  2. Hi Ezequiel,
    The joys of family time! We should always take the time to get together; life is too short to always say “I’m too busy to meet with you”…
    Like you mentioned, starting off with just a “coffee get-together” can end up with a fantastic day spent with loved ones.
    Great stuff about the business as well; I really believe that I need to start asking questions for Dean and the team to help me out with my business as well.
    Thank you for sharing & all the best!

    1. Hi Marc,
      Absolutely, family time is truly invaluable and should be at the top of our priorities. It’s fantastic to hear that you’re contemplating seeking support for your business endeavors. Embracing curiosity and reaching out for guidance can significantly transform one’s professional path. Your encouraging words mean a lot; wishing you continued success and fulfillment in all your ventures!”

  3. Ezequiel,
    Yes, we are a busy society. I cherish family time above all things. My sister and I take our mother to lunch every Friday. I look forward to this every week. Good luck with your FB lead ads. Sounds like you are well on your way of getting those completed.

    1. Hi Sherri,
      That’s wonderful to hear, Cherishing family time is so important. It’s great that you and your sister have a weekly tradition with your mother. Thank you for the well wishes on the FB lead ads! I’m excited about the progress we’re making. Have a fantastic lunch this Friday with your family. All the Best.

  4. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic holiday! Your day with Dorcas and Pedro sounds so heartwarming. Family time is truly priceless, especially when everyone’s usually busy. And well done for making such strides in your business despite the hiccups. Balancing work, family, and business isn’t easy, but you’re doing an amazing job! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and keep cherishing those special family moments.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! It’s been a lovely holiday indeed, and spending time with Dorcas and Pedro was truly heartwarming. Family time holds such incredible value, especially when life gets busy. I appreciate your recognition of the strides in my business despite the challenges. Balancing work, family, and business is a constant juggle, but I’m grateful for your encouragement. Wishing you all the best and may you also cherish those precious family moments in your own adventures

  5. Sounds like your family understands your journey as an affiliate marketer. That is awesome. The giving and receiving support from those closest to us is a cherished gift!

    Congratulations on your Lead Ad journey! Best of luck in that new venture!!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful and fulfilling week, Ezequiel! Spending quality time with family and seeing their business ventures flourish must have been truly rewarding. It’s heartwarming to hear how you cherish these moments amidst your busy schedule. On the business front, despite some challenges, your progress with the Facebook lead ad and email sequence integration shows great determination and focus. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to hearing more about your achievements next week! Atif

  7. I’m so glad you were able to catch up with your siblings. It sounds like you had a whale of a time. I’m so late with my blog hopping this week that your vacation has most likely finished by now.
    Well done on progressing so well with the preparation of your lead ad. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.

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