In my previous post, I talked about the progress I made in building my Owned Asset. Today, I want to provide a more detailed explanation of the steps involved in building it and what benefits it offers.

Steps to build my Oun Asset:

  • I have purchased my new domain name
  • I have set up my domain name on Cloudflare.
  • I have deployed my Owned Asset.
  • I have connected my domain name to my Owned Asset.
  • I have Sep up my WordPress Site (AKA Owned Asset).
  • I have Customized my Own Asset.

So, what is my Owned Asset?

It is essentially a platform on the internet that I own. To explain it more clearly, let’s take the example of popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. These platforms are owned by big corporations like Mark Zuckerberg or Google. When I use these platforms, I have to follow their policies and guidelines, and if I violate them, my account can be closed at any time. Moreover, the policies of these platforms can change at any time without prior notice.

Owned Asset Building Steps and Benefits.

On the other hand, if I have my Owned Asset, I have complete control over it. I can publish any kind of content on it without any limitations or restrictions.

Please find below the rewritten version on building my Owned Asset: I have purchased my new domain name A domain name is an internet address that helps people find your website. If you want to choose the right domain name, there are some guidelines you should follow:

1. Preferably, choose a .com domain name as it is the most common and easy to remember.
2. Make sure it is easy to spell and type.
3. Choose a name that is as short as possible.
4. If the name you want is not available, you can consider using your name and adding relevant keywords such as marketing, affiliate, blog, etc.
5. Avoid using numbers, underscores, or hyphens in your domain name.
6. Try to choose a memorable name. If your name is easy to spell or pronounce, consider using it.

After purchasing my domain name, I set it up on Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a program that helps businesses manage and control their online activity, while also providing an extra layer of security to their website. Cloudflare offers both paid and free versions, and I opted for the free version.

Once I set up my account on Cloudflare, the next step to Owned Asset Is to connect my domain name to it. This way, my domain name became visible to the public in a safe way. To do this, I had to follow some steps within the Cloudflare program and my Domain Registrar program. One of the crucial steps was updating the DNS settings. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, which is a unique code assigned to your domain name by your Domain Registrar. In my case, my domain registrar is Namecheap.

To update my Owned Asset domain name, I had to visit the Domain Registrar’s platform and identify the DNS code. Then, I followed the instructions provided by my Domain Registrar to update my domain name, which usually takes about 24 hours to complete. Once I made the changes, I copied and pasted the codes into the Cloudflare program by following the steps on the Cloudflare platform. After completing these steps, I verified the update by clicking on a button on the same page of Cloudflare. Later, when I visited my Cloudflare account, I saw that my domain name was active, which meant it was visible to the public.  An email notification from Cloudflare confirming that my domain name was active was received.

I have set up my WordPress Site (AKA Owned Asset)

I am an Affiliate System Certify member, which allows me to have free access to a WordPress site without paying for extra hosting. After completing the necessary steps, I was able to set up my WordPress site using the following steps:

a) I chose the name of my site as “Ewells Affiliate Hub.”
b) Then I selected my admin name.
c) I also chose my password. It had to be at least eight characters long, using numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters, and avoiding the use of special characters. I chose something easy to remember for myself but difficult for others.
d) I selected my email address, which I set up specifically for this purpose.
e) I added my domain name to my WordPress site. To do this, I went to the Domain and Subdomain section in my WordPress dashboard and clicked “Add Domain.” A new window opened, where I had to enter my domain name. Before I did this, I went to my Cloudflare account to ensure that my domain name was correct without errors. I copied and pasted it into my WordPress site, and then clicked “Add” to give a new domain name to my WordPress site. After this, a new window opened where I needed to update the DNS settings for my WordPress site. This is where I updated the A record and CNAME record with a Key and a Value. (A DNS CNAME record provides an alias for another domain.)

Configuring DNS Records: Step-by-Step Guide for Cloudflare Integration

I went to my Cloudflare program and clicked on my domain name. It opened in a new window where I found DNS and clicked on the dropdown menu to find “records”. When I clicked on “records”, it opened a new window that managed the DNS records of my domains. In this window, I found the box that said “DNS management for”. I clicked on the button that said: “add records”. After it opened, I looked for the box that said “Type”. In this box, I selected “A”.

Beside “Type”, there was a box that said “Name (required)”. I wrote what was in the A records of my WordPress site. However, in my WordPress, A record is known as a “key”. So, I went to my WordPress site and found what was in the key, which was “@”. I copied and pasted it into the box that said “Name (required)” in Cloudflare. The next box in Cloudflare was “IPv4”. In WordPress, this is known as “value”. So, I found what was in the value box on my WordPress site, copied it, and pasted it into Cloudflare.

Besides the box that said “Name (required)”, there was a small box that said “Proxy status” which was on. I switched it off and then I pressed “save”.

Verification and Final Checks: Ensuring Accurate Integration of A and CNEMA Records with Cloudflare

I have successfully added the A record to my Cloudflare account. Now, I need to do the same process for CNEMA records. To do this, I went back and clicked on the “add records” button again. I followed the same process but used CNEMA from my WordPress and copied and pasted it to Cloudflare. After completing the process, I added both the A and CNEMA records to my Cloudflare account and made sure they matched exactly with what was in WordPress.

Finally, in my WordPress DNS settings, I clicked on the “verify records” button after selecting the option that says “I have added the above records in my domain provider’s DNS settings”. This verification process may take up to 24 hours. If everything was done correctly, it will say “domain detected”. This means my WordPress Site is visible to the public and is live.

Designing Your Blog: Selecting and Customizing the ‘BLOGUS’ Theme for a Personalized Look and Feel

Moving on, the next step was to choose my WordPress theme. This theme determines the overall look and feel of the pages and how the blog navigates around. I chose the “BLOGUS” theme and then customized it according to my preferences. Then I went under the Appearance, Theme, Customize, and Design options to customize and change the layout of my blog. It was necessary to reorder my pages by adding additional pages. no changes were made as I didn’t think it was necessary, so I left it as it was. I have the option to come back in the future and make any changes that might be necessary.”

I think I have touched base with the setup of my owned asset. These are my lessons learned from the first week, but at the same time, this is also progress in my business.

I will leave it here for now and next week, I will continue with deploying the Owned Asset and installing the Classic Editors and Classic Widgets plugins.

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments.”


Ezequiel Wells



22 thoughts on “Unveiling the Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide to Building and Maximizing the Benefits of My Owned Asset”
  1. Hi Ezequiel, you made a great point in this post. The importance of having your own asset. More people need to hear that.

    You can have millions of followers on Youtube, Tik Tok or Facebook, but if they decided to suspend you or change the algorithm, your business is gone overnight.

    There are probably a lot of influencers out there who are just one account ban from losing their entire business that they have spent years to build.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, It is crucial to diversify and establish a solid foundation that is not solely reliant on third-party platforms. Building a personal brand and owning your content can provide a sense of security and longevity in the ever-changing landscape of social media. I wish you all the best in your journey.

  2. Hi, that was an interesting read, but one thing I do not understand. Why did you decide to use an email address ( that does not match your domain ( )? Does that not undermine the ‘Owned Asset’ concept, and leave you open to Google deciding to deactivate your email?
    I would love to hear more on your thinking around that.

    1. Hi Tony (My Friend),
      Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate the observation you made about my email and the vulnerability to Google. The truth is, that’s the email I’ve been using since I started, and it’s part of the learning process—things I need to correct. I will take your opinion and fix that mistake. Thanks again for your observation. If there’s anything else you can help me with, and if you have the time, I invite you to visit my blog and make suggestions that you think could benefit me. I sincerely appreciate it. I wish you the best in your business. Goodbye.

  3. Ezequiel,

    I hear what you are saying about your owned asset. And it surely gives you more freedom having your content published to a more private network than the public social media platforms.

    But you still have to be careful about what you post. You will likely find there are in fact some limitations and restrictions. For instance you wouldn’t want to post something totally outrageous or break some sort of email rules and have that come back to your private network owners and have bad news trickle down to you.

    All the best to you!

    1. Hi Robert,
      Certainly, I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective. It is crucial for us to approach our online expressions with a sense of prudence. My focus lies predominantly on those individuals who share content with the genuine intention of assisting others in their journey of growth and development. I’m specifically addressing those who demonstrate a sincere concern for the well-being of others and actively contribute to their improvement. Thank you for your continued support, I wish you all the best in your journey.

  4. HI Ezequiel,

    Nice detailed step by step process.
    I always hear Dean Holland talk about Owned Asset, but for whatever reason I didn’t fully sink in until very recently.
    I noticed influencers who have their TikTok and YouTube channels getting their account suspended or had red flags or whatever warnings YouTube likes to call it. When I though of those people and their accounts flagged, then the Owned Asset platform with WordPress started to make more sense.
    I’m not sure if wordpress has the same pull of audiences as those popular platforms, but as Dean said at one point in the course: “You don’t need a lot to be able to see great results”.

    1. Hi Albert,
      Absolutely, as you rightly pointed out, the challenges faced by influencers with TikTok or YouTube accounts being suspended highlight the importance of having a platform like WordPress as a safeguard. While WordPress may not boast the same extensive audience as those popular platforms, it provides the assurance that our efforts won’t be unduly impacted by the decisions of external entities.

      In response to this dynamic landscape, a strategic approach involves leveraging platforms like TikTok and YouTube to drive traffic to our blog and concurrently build our business. This proactive approach ensures that we are not solely reliant on any single platform and adds a layer of resilience to our online presence. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment, I wish you all the best in your journey.

    1. Hi Eleonor.
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m dedicated to making the most out of my training and breaking down the steps to share the process effectively. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and I’m grateful for your support. All the best to you.

  5. Great description of the first steps Ezequiel,
    Creating that solid base will make sure that you go forward knowing that your website/blog is safe and more importantly, able to address many Social Media formats all at the same time, Cloudflare is definitely a great asset — and it’s free! (at least it does offers that option 🙂 ).
    All the best!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation! I’m glad to hear that you found the initial steps I described helpful. I appreciate your good wishes and look forward to sharing more progress with you!
      All the best to you.

  6. Ezequiel, very nice post my friend. Firstly you’ve made great progress. Having done all the work in cloud flare purchasing your domain and then getting it all set up. Well done that’s not easy to do and now you’ve done it. More importantly, the point you make about why you should have your own asset is key. As you know, email rules are changing in February 2024 and bombarding people with emails, having email sequences like many people have done in the past, may now cause them problems if the receiver doesn’t open the email. It can appear like spamming, and therefore your emails can be blocked from even arriving to your audience. So you’re absolutely right by having his own asset which belongs to you, controlled by you and none of these other social media companies can shut you down, means you have the power and the control of your business. And that’s great because that’s what we are trying to do as an affiliate markers take control of our lives, finance and businesses. Very well done and I look forward to the next post. Thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging and insightful words, I truly appreciate your support.

      You’ve highlighted a crucial point about the evolving landscape of email marketing, especially with the changes coming in February 2024. It’s essential for us, as affiliate marketers, to adapt and find more secure avenues for communication. Owning our assets provides that control and independence, safeguarding our businesses from potential disruptions.

      I’m thrilled to have your support and look forward to sharing more insights in my upcoming posts. If you have any thoughts or experiences to share as well, I’m always interested in learning from fellow affiliate marketers. Here’s to taking control of our lives, finances, and businesses together! Thanks again, Atif.

  7. Ezequiel,
    I loved reading about the detailed steps you took in building your “owned asset” – it’s impressive! I completely share your perspective on the value of having your own asset instead of relying solely on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook, which can be unpredictable. Choosing a domain name can indeed be a bit of a brain teaser; after all, it becomes the face of your business. I totally get the thoughtful process behind it, as I had my fair share of pondering over the perfect name too.

    1. Hi Sherri,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging words, I’m glad you enjoyed reading about the steps I took in building my “owned asset.” It’s truly rewarding to hear that others share the perspective on the importance of having a platform of your own rather than relying solely on external platforms.

      Choosing the right domain name I completely agree with you about its significance as the face of the business. It’s a decision that carries a lot of weight, and the thoughtful process behind it reflects the essence of the brand.

      It’s always interesting to exchange insights and learn from each other’s journeys, I wish you all the best in your journey.

  8. Ezequiel,
    Question! As I read through your blog post and see all the things you have accomplished and are teaching to others now, Have you taken time to celebrate all the small wins that are adding up to a milestone.

    Often we forget to look back and see how far we’ve come in our journey. We’re so focused on what’s ahead we miss the success we’ve already achieved. Those small wins are like gas in a car, they help propel us forward to reach the milestones we are aiming for.

    Keep up the great progress!!

    1. Hi CJ,
      This is a great advice that you have brought up to my attention, and as you said we are so busy building our future true this business that we forget to celebrate those smaller steps that make it possible to achieve our goal and… Yes, you are wright lest celebrate and thank you to remind me. I also wish all the best in your journey. See You In The Top.

  9. Hi Ezequiel,
    Great post! What an excellent and simple to follow description/instruction on setting up your owned asset!
    This will help so many who need that guidance! This stuff can be so technical and challenging 🙂
    Until your next post!

  10. You share invaluable insights here. Having an “owned asset”is like having another home to care for. Visiting it everyday and adding or subtracting from it elicits a sense of pride. Depending on social media for a long term investment in and of itself may be foolhardy, but use of it to gain visibility is important. Namaste.

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