Happy Saturday, everyone!

I hope this post finds you well and motivated. This week, my entrepreneurial journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Let’s dive into the progress, obstacles, and key takeaways from the past few days.

Milestones Achieved:

  1. Enhanced Community Engagement: I’ve continued to engage with my community through the chat widget on my blog and social media platforms. The feedback has been incredibly constructive, and I’ve noticed a significant increase
  2.  in interaction and support.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Navigating Advertising Policies: While setting up my new Facebook lead ad, I encountered some initial hiccups in ensuring full compliance with Facebook’s advertising policies. Meticulously reviewing guidelines and double-checking all elements before submitting any ads remains a priority.
  2. Technical Difficulties in Integration: One of the technical challenges I faced this week was understanding how to connect my Facebook leads to my autoresponder on AWeber. Integrating these systems to ensure seamless lead capture and follow-up automation was more complex than anticipated. After numerous attempts and troubleshooting, I still need further mentoring to perfect this setup.

Mentor Training Session Insights:

Wednesday Insight Session: This week’s session was immensely insightful. We had an in-depth discussion about Social Selling, focusing on

the concepts of outbound and inbound strategies. Outbound social selling involves directly reaching out and engaging potential customers in conversations to understand their problems and offering free solutions. The goal here is to build relationships and trust, forming a solid foundation for a loyal audience.

On the other hand, inbound social selling involves posting valuable content with calls to action (CTA). For example, you might say, “If you want to know more, leave a comment,” and then provide additional information or links based on the responses. This strategy also aims to cultivate an engaged audience that trusts and values your insights.

This session also covered a Q&A section where we got answers to our questions. Additionally, the mentor emphasized the importance of a proactive approach to problem-solving, which resonated deeply with me.

The final touch of the meeting was a pleasant surprise for those of us in the Affiliate System. We were introduced to our own exclusive social platform where we can share experiences, ask questions, and provide solutions to each other’s problems without having to wait for the next training session. This platform includes several incredible features, enhancing our ability to unlock obstacles and keep progressing. I won’t reveal all its features just yet, but it has certainly made us proud to be a part of the Affiliate System community.

Developing Facebook Lead Ads: Despite revising my Facebook lead ad and submitting it for my mentor’s review, it still wasn’t correctly set up. My mentor then directed me to a detailed video training on our Internet Profit Platform. The training explained how to integrate Facebook lead ads with my co-branded funnel on AWeber using a third-party program called “Make.com.” Following this step-by-step guide, I successfully connected my funnel to Facebook lead ads. However, due to a very busy week, I have not launched the Facebook lead ad yet. The revision happened last Thursday, and I am still working on correcting the remaining errors and revising the ad wording before resubmitting it.

Reflection on Challenges: One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that when you set a goal or strive to achieve something significant in your life, challenging times are inevitable. This week was a prime example. When you have your sights set on great accomplishments, it often feels like everything around you conspires to make the journey more difficult. But remember, these obstacles are a part of the process and can ultimately strengthen your resolve and skillset.

Key Learnings:

  1. The Power of Diligence: Ensuring every detail is attended to is crucial, especially in complex tasks like ad setup and tracking. This lesson has reinforced the importance of thoroughness and meticulous planning.
  2. Importance of Adaptability: Being adaptable and resilient continues to be a significant factor in overcoming challenges. This week reminded me that flexibility and persistence are key in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

Next Steps:

  1. Refining and Launching Facebook Lead Ads: I will continue working on my Facebook lead ad, ensuring all errors are corrected and it adheres to all guidelines. Once final revisions are complete, I plan to launch the ad and closely monitor its performance.
  2. Improving Website Usability: Based on feedback, I plan to enhance the usability of my website further. This involves making the user journey more intuitive and enriching the content to add more value for visitors.
  3. Setting and Attaining Monthly Goals: Following my mentor’s guidance, I’ve set ambitious yet achievable goals for this month. Here’s what I aim to accomplish:
  • Achieve 500 Subscribers: Continue expanding my subscriber base by providing valuable content and engaging effectively with my audience.
  • Build a Robust Sales Funnel: Craft a comprehensive sales funnel to guide visitors towards purchasing decisions.
  • Develop an Engaging Email Sequence: Create targeted email sequences to nurture new subscribers and convert leads into customers.
  • Secure My First Sale: Focus on converting engaged leads into my first customers, validating my business model and strategies.

Call to Action:

I’d love to hear about your journey! What achievements and challenges have defined your week? Do you have any tips or strategies that have proved successful for you? Let’s support and inspire each other. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Stay Connected and Informed:

Stay Connected and Informed:

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Thank you for your unwavering support!

To Your Success,

To Your Success,

Ezequiel Wells

7 thoughts on “Overcoming Setbacks and Embracing Growth: This Week in Business”
  1. It sounds like you’ve been on quite the rollercoaster this week with your journey. I love how you’re diving deep into community engagement and tackling those Facebook ad challenges head-on. It’s a challenge I still have to tackle, so I will be following your journey and progress! Don’t sweat the technical hurdles too much; they’re all part of the learning curve. Keep pushing forward, and remember, every challenge you overcome is a step closer to your success. Looking forward to hearing more about your milestones ahead!

    1. HI Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! It’s been a week full of surprises and challenges, but I’m glad to have the opportunity to share this journey with you. Your support means a lot as I delve into community engagement and tackle those Facebook ad hurdles.

      It’s comforting to know that others, like yourself, are also navigating similar challenges. We’re in this together, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress as I learn and grow through each obstacle.

      Your reminder about technical hurdles being part of the learning curve is spot on. I’ll take your advice to heart and remain focused on moving forward, one challenge at a time. Your encouragement fuels my motivation to keep pushing ahead towards my goals.

      I look forward to sharing more milestones with you along the way, and I appreciate your interest in following my journey. If you ever need support or have any insights to share, feel free to reach out. Let’s continue this journey of growth and success together!

      Thank you again for your kind words and encouragement!

      Warm regards,

  2. Hi Ezequiel,

    Thanks for sharing your journey! It sounds like you’ve had a busy week with some great wins and a few hurdles. Awesome to hear about the increased community engagement and the insights from your mentor session on social selling.

    Advertising policies and technical integrations can definitely be a headache, but it’s clear you’re pushing through and learning a lot in the process. The new exclusive social platform for your Affiliate System sounds like a game-changer too!

    Your reflections on diligence and adaptability really hit home. These are key traits for any entrepreneur.

    Best of luck with your Facebook lead ads and hitting your monthly goals. You’re clearly on the right track.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your progress. Keep us posted!


    1. Hello Meredith,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging words, It means a lot to have your support.
      I’m glad you found value in my journey and reflections on entrepreneurship. I truly appreciate your well wishes and will definitely keep you updated on my progress.
      Your positivity is uplifting!
      Thanks again!

  3. Wow, what a busy week you’ve had. But it sounds like your resilience is working very nicely. Your commitment to doing your best is admirable. I have no doubt that with your mindset and resourcefulness you can achieve anything. Good luck with the FB lead ad and navigating the various policies they have. One word of warning regarding FB, I have recently been receiving multiple messages, apparently from the FB admin, saying my page/account will be deleted due to various infringements. It turns out they are all scams phishing for your FB password. Just be wary and don’t follow any urls. What gave them away was bad English, slightly incorrect spelling of words, and the profile of the people sending the messages.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I really appreciate your support and the warning about the scams on Facebook. Your advice is valuable, and I will definitely be cautious. Thanks again!

  4. Ezequiel, Your dedication and persistence in navigating your entrepreneurial journey are truly commendable! It’s impressive how you’ve enhanced community engagement through your blog and social media, despite facing challenges with Facebook advertising policies and technical integrations. The insights from your mentor on social selling strategies and the new affiliate community platform are invaluable assets to propel your business forward. Learning from setbacks and adapting with diligence and adaptability shows your commitment to growth. I look forward to seeing your continued progress and successes as you refine your strategies and achieve your goals!

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