Although there are many online business opportunities available, it can be challenging to identify the genuine ones. False promises and scams can cloud the landscape and make it difficult to try something new. Many people miss out on potential opportunities due to various reasons such as:


A) Fear of Failure: The first obstacle we must overcome, particularly for those who have already attempted to establish an online business, is the fear of failure. The thought of investing time and money in a venture without knowing if it will yield any returns is scary.


B) Lack of Technological Knowledge: This obstacle is even more daunting than the previous one since it forces us to confront our limitations. All beginnings are difficult, but when it comes to technology, it becomes even more challenging, especially without the necessary assistance. There are many things to learn to establish an online business.


C) Lack of Initial Capital: The lack of capital is another obstacle that prevents us from seizing genuine opportunities that often arise. Most online businesses require an initial investment to establish the foundation on which the business will operate. Sometimes we don’t have those funds, and other times, when we make the initial investment, it only allows us to use a portion of what was sold to us, making us vulnerable to investing more money to access the complete program where the possibility of success truly lies. Many times, we don’t have that capital.


D) Lack of Time: A crucial factor in the development of an online business is the lack of time. Many people have daily jobs or responsibilities that consume most of their time, making it difficult to devote the necessary effort to start and maintain an online business. However, if the reasons for starting an online business are clear, time shouldn’t be a factor to consider.


E) Distrust in Online Opportunities: Distrust is an ingrained factor in our subconscious minds as the presence of scams and fraudulent schemes online has led many people to be wary of online business opportunities, even legitimate ones.


F) Unfamiliarity with Market Niches: Not being aware of a profitable market niche is one of the major challenges in starting an online business. This can result in missing the opportunity to capitalize on a chance when it arises.


G) Lack of Planning and Strategy: The lack of personal planning is a factor that directly influences decision-making. Someone who is not financially organized will never be prepared to seize a good business opportunity when it arises.


These are common obstacles that individuals face when considering online business opportunities. Overcoming these challenges requires careful consideration, planning, and a proactive approach to address each barrier effectively.


One factor that may seem insignificant but is crucial is the business presentation. Even the best marketers may not always succeed in presenting clear ideas about their promotions, leading to missed opportunities. Therefore, it is essential to be willing to seek and receive opportunities when they arise.


I almost missed out on a great business opportunity that I am currently involved in, which I am immensely grateful for. I had purchased a program that allowed me to do affiliate marketing and as part of the training I was searching for viral videos for my promotions when I came across an offer for a free book that was value in $3445.00. The book promised to teach me how to build a list, but I never received the book because I did not cover the s/p so, I filled out a form which led me to a bonus video with Dean Holland. After watching the video, I don’t need the book and I forget about, I was captivated and wanted to learn more. So, I signed up for a phone call scheduled for the next day, and the rest is history.


I share this story to say that sometimes opportunities don’t come directly to you; you must be willing to seek and receive them when they arise. But it doesn’t end there. The first offer I received from Dean Holland’s team seemed promising; however, there was more to it. I had heard that more could be earned, and I had decided that if what this man (Dean Holland), whom I had never heard of before, was saying was true, and he was going to teach me how he did it, then I would do whatever it took to gain access to the information he had and that I needed.


Remember the lack of initial capital I mentioned at the beginning? That was one of my toughest challenges to face.

I had already overcome:

The Fear of Failure: I had committed to doing something with my life. It was either continue in the 8-5 job routine, waiting for my pension and settling for a lifestyle inferior to what I had lived for the past 20 years, or do whatever was necessary to break that pattern and achieve what I really wanted: a stress-free life, breaking free from the 8-5 routine, retiring when I wanted, spending time with my children and grandchildren, etc. There are too many things I am missing out on, and this cannot continue. The decision is made, the bridges burned, and there is no turning back.


The Lack of Technological Knowledge: They will teach me how to do it. I had no knowledge of internet marketing, but this man promised to take me by the hand and teach me everything he knew. In the next blog, I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned. Please remind me in the comments. Haha.


The Lack of Time: The Lack of Time. Although it might be for many people, for me, the factor of time has never been a real problem, never been something I couldn’t find a solution for. The only thing I have been doing since I was 9 years old until now has been working, and in a significant way. I’m not afraid of hard work, and I learned that from my dad. He used to wake me up at night with the sound of his saw cutting through wood. When I went downstairs, I found him at his workbench or on a piece of wood, working until late into the night and perhaps even into the early morning hours. I learned to work from my father. So, time hasn’t changed; each day still has 24 hours, and I will dedicate the necessary hours to my business, maybe at night or perhaps in the early morning. I don’t know, but whatever is necessary to achieve my dreams and for the few years I have left to enjoy this beautiful life that I am watching pass by from the window of my office.


The Distrust in Online Opportunities: I took the risk with hesitation and fear. I couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity. Tentative and fearful, I made the decision to take the risk and give myself the chance to try again. Because what can I lose… a few more dollars? Well, yes, but what can I gain… financial freedom and the realization of my dreams. That was enough analysis; there is no turning back. My life is worth too much to haggle over a few dollars. In fact, I learned something – your life’s value is determined by you. Life will test you to see if you really want what you say you want and demand from you precisely what you don’t have. To the first excuse you give, life will deny what you want because you are not giving it to yourself. Time and money are abundant and accessible to everyone; the question is, how are you going to acquire them? What are you willing to sacrifice in return?


The Unfamiliarity with Market Niches: I don’t need to have that knowledge right now, that’s why I’m where I am. If I knew, my situation would be different, right? So that’s also a piece of cake, as we say in my country; it’s already resolved. My coach and his team will teach me what I need to learn to choose a profitable niche.


The Lack of Planning: I have this point under control too since the affiliate program has shown me that it is meticulously well-planned. I am amazed at the amount of content and how everything is strictly organized, making failure almost impossible. Each step follows the previous one in order, in addition to the daily 24/7 guidance and monthly reviews to track progress.

And finally, the most difficult and the one that really… really represented a challenge to me:

The Lack of Initial Capital: This was something that just showed up; I was not expecting to make any investment of this nature, so I was not prepared for it. However, at the same time, I will not let a few dollars deter me from the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. So, here I am. The person on the phone explained the concept to me in detail, which I didn’t really understand. He then asked me what I wanted to do, and I replied, “I’m in. Give me a week to do my due diligence, but please keep the opportunity open for me.” He agreed and said, “Okay, let me know when you are ready.”

I had given my word, though I had not discussed it with my wife yet, and now I had to find some money that I didn’t have—at least not for that purpose. After some time, my wife noticed that something was on my mind and said, “I know you have something to tell me; speak up.” I replied, “Okay, I have finally found something I was looking for, something that will give me the freedom I am seeking.” She asked, “How much?” I hesitated and then said, “Well, I only need you to trust me and give me some time; this will be beneficial for our family.” She knows me; she has heard that many times before. However, she eventually said, “Okay, do what you have to do.” The following week, I made that call. Here I am, I’m in.

In short, the purpose of this blog is to remove any excuses that might be holding you back from taking control of your future. I hope my story inspires you to go after what you want and not let anything stand in your way.”


You deserve all the Best go for it!


Ezequiel Wells


13 thoughts on “Overcoming Barriers to Online Business Opportunities”
  1. Ezequiel,

    Your correct that there are a number of reason why individuals miss out on business opportunities. This reminds me of a quote, “Opportunities come to those who are prepared”. The quote simply means that we will not be ready for an opportunity if one doesn’t first prepare themselves to take advantage of an opportunity before it arrives.

    Sometime we see people where everything seems to turn to gold. Why is that? It is because when the opportunities arrive they are already prepared to take advantage of them.

    As you venture down this road each step allows to more and more prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities that come along.

    Wishing you the best

  2. I think you’re very courageous and have a level of self awareness most people don’t have. You are aware of the obstacles that will stop you from success.

    Despite being fearful, you still have an open mind and is willing to take calculated risk.

    I wish you luck and hope you will achieve great results with the coaching program.

    1. Hi Alan, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am indeed aware of the challenges, but I’m committed to facing them with an open mind as you said and of course, there will always be risks to take but.
      Thanks again for your support

  3. Ezequiel, rear of failure is probably the biggest reason people don’t do anything amazing in their lives. We are conditioned from school and at home with our parents that we should always try and do things right and properly, especially at school. If you don’t conform to the system you appear as a failure. I try to eliminate the word failure and just replace it with opportunity. Every failure is a point of which you learn something when you learn something you then look at things in a different way and then have opportunity to use that to your benefit. To be honest what’s the worst that can happen? it won’t work so all you do is change the plan but not the goal.. keep going my friend. Atif

  4. I relate most to the fear of failure and the fear of technology.

    I am plagued by self-doubt. It’s not just about the big things. I lack confidence when it comes to day-to-day stuff. How do I expect to achieve success in an online business? In all fairness, I believe I’ve only noticed this lack of confidence because I am trying to do something so seemingly risky and insurmountable online.

    I’m overcoming this fear by doing very particular daily tasks. I don’t need to succeed online today; I just need to do x, y, and z. That helps a lot. I know, over time, my confidence will grow.

    Concerning technology, I took a computer programming class in high school and had a dreadful time with it. The idea of learning how to set up a blog, create a lead magnet, set up a funnel… Yikes! But with the help of a good mentor, all this can be learned.

    So, what I’m struggling with most is confidence.

    I’m just encouraging myself each day and looking forward to a time when I’ll have built that confidence up.

    Best of luck to you this week, Ezequiel!

    1. Hi, Nakina,
      Thank you for sharing your fears with us. I believe that acknowledging a flaw in ourselves is essential to overcoming it. Congratulations on taking that first step of recognizing your shortcomings because now you can face them directly and gradually take the steps that will lead you to overcome them. Confidence is not a destination; rather, I believe it’s a journey we must travel and cultivate every day of our lives. Let’s raise a toast to the swift arrival of that triumph in our lives.

  5. That was a great blog. I can relate to a lot of it. Especially telling the wife. My husband was and at times still is questioning me and all I say is trust me. I know we are on the right path.


  6. Ezequiel ,
    When do you spot the perfect opportunity? I believe we’ll just sense it when the right one comes our way. Your post really resonates with me because I started in a similar fashion. Overcoming the fear of failure has been a constant challenge for me, and I tackle it every single day. Working on the technical aspects is a learning curve in itself, and finding the time requires commitment. The financial aspect was a significant hurdle for me, too, but just like you, I had a chat with my spouse, got his support, and now I’m fully committed. Cheers to taking the plunge!

    1. Hello Sherri,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I’m glad to hear about the support from your spouse, and challenges are meant to be faced. Let’s raise a toast to the success that awaits us.

  7. Fear of the unknown… Something that most of us have faced at one time or another. Whether it be a return on our money, what people might think, whether we will be able to do what it takes to succeed… The greatest thing that I have learned on this Journey is once you confront what ever that fear may be, and work to overcome it, when you look back you realize that what you were so Fearful of fails in comparison when you compare it to your “WHY” Keep moving forward!

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